During the term of the lease the tenant to have local or valid international driving license and must be over 25 years old. Also license must have at least 3 years.

At least 3 days. Special rates apply for monthly or yearly rental.

Prices lubrication, maintenance, against third parties (within legal limits) insurance is included. 18% KDV (KDV) are included. Fuel lessor rented aittir.48 hours notice of the condition of the baby seat, baby seat costs € 2 per day euro'dur.19 kg and has a capacity of 3 years.

While the delivery of cash or total vehicle rental with the Virtual POS Credit Card can be requested by each currency and payment can be charged in this way.
Valid passport information and flight details can not be taken abroad for deposit our customers. In the absence of the passport of the employee from the employer payroll tax certificate instead of the last salary of its employees working documentation is requested.

All vehicles up to 3 years old and Full Rent A Car insurance.
Insurance fee is included in the price stated on our site.

If approved, the reservations made by our revenues mail confirming your email address. Reservation form your Pelikan Rent A Car that place and time specified staff's you meet your identity you license to be delivered to mecburiyetindedir.arac take to deliver the vehicle and checked it and you need to have on your side in a copy of your passport, otherwise the car can not be delivered.
in places where the airport and office deliveries are made free of charge. This drop in urban delivery, with the condition to give notice; hotels, offices, railway stations, ports and so on. yapılabilmektedir.ayrı of a fee to place depending on the season of this kind must be booked at least 10 days. Pelikan Rent A Car delivery vehicles in urban areas where there are no additional costs for office and delivered as refundable fee applies.

Traffic fines and parking fees are the responsibility of the lessor.

Our vehicles may not be taken abroad.